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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

Does this mean you can successfully sell

your book? Of course, you can. For years we

have told authors that you can do very well

handselling—that is, go to every event

where you can set up a table or a booth, and

sell your book for full price or a minor dis-

count. Street festivals, book fairs, farmer

markets, craft shows, church fairs and the

like. Talk about your book. If your book is

nonfiction, arrange to talk about the sub-

ject at local clubs and churches. Let people

know through social media where you’ll be

and when. Keep the buzz going and work

hard for your book! You can’t sit back just

because your book is on your Web site or

Maintaining control

Most self-publishing authors have made

that decision because they want to maintain

total control over their product.

Control means that you have input in de-

cisions regarding the text, cover, and title.

Control means that the book will actually

be produced, rather than be left on the shelf

in the office of a rights-buying publisher.

Control means that a self-publishing author