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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

Other authors who have self-published

their first books and ended up with sales to

a major publishing house include Margaret

Atwood (a book of poetry), H. Jackson


Life’s Little Instruction Book,


Conroy, Deepak Chopra, and Tom Peters,

among many others.

Many other self-publishers (also referred

to in the publishing world as author/pub-

lishers or self-publishing authors) have

watched their books receive national atten-

tion after first demonstrating salability in

smaller markets.

Denny Fried’s

Memoirs of a Papillon



Canine Guide to Living with Humans with-

out Going Mad

, coauthored by his dog,

Genevieve, received terrific national reviews

and was accepted for national distribution

in a pet store chain. That’s not all. Little

more than a year after the book’s release,

radio commentator Paul Harvey talked up

the book on his syndicated show, signifi-

cantly boosting the book’s standing with,

and the producer of “The To-

night Show” called for a review copy and

video of TV interviews that Fried and