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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

Genevieve had done. His book was later sold

to Simon & Schuster.

The key to successful self-publishing is to



the absolute top priority. Qual-

ity should guide every decision in the

preparation and production of the book. Do

your book right! There is no reason that a

self-published book should look homemade

unless the self-publisher creates it that way

through lack of knowledge or by misplaced

thrift. An experienced book packager or care-

fully selected professionals can provide the

type of direction that is needed to guide the

publishing process so that doesn’t happen.

Writers who want to see if their manu-

script can be sold to a rights-buying

publisher should send queries to publishers

that deal in the same genre as the book they

have written. Send mysteries to publishers

that primarily publish mysteries rather

than sending copies to every publishing

house listed in

Writer’s Market

. Research the

small presses to see which ones have special-

ties that might dovetail with your material.

The easiest way to do this is to go to a book-

store or library and make a list of publishers