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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

of the type of material you have written. Or

read book trade magazines such as


ers Weekly, ForeWord



Publisher Online


newsletters from pub-

lishers’ associations. By so doing, you will

be able to compile data about niche publish-

ers that specialize in specific topics, such as

science fiction, romance, and westerns.


Self-publishers and authors who have come

to our publishing seminars have few success

stories to share about working with agents.

Many unknown authors have had their

manuscripts with agents for several years

and then finally decide if they are ever go-

ing to see their book in print, they better

do it themselves. Reality check on what’s

really important: Do you want to tell your

friends that your book has been with an

agent for years, or instead have it for sale?

In some instances you can find an agent

who will do the legwork to help find a pub-

lisher to purchase your manuscript. A

reputable agent will work for you and will

get paid only if a buyer is found. Some agents

are requiring up-front fees for their efforts