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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

Unfortunately, a number of authors who

have been rejected for various reasons by

rights-buying publishers subsequently have

been seduced and ripped off by the vanity

or subsidy presses. Authors usually pay

more—as much as triple what it might have

cost to produce the book themselves or by

using the services of a quality book pack-

ager. And, importantly, authors relinquish

the rights to their work, sometimes for two

years, while the vanity presses “market” the

books on their Web sites. (Who browses such

sites to buy their books from unknown au-

thors?) The book is likely to be listed with


, but that is some-

thing you can do on your own, and your

marketing will be necessary to drive poten-

tial buyers to those Web stores.

Meanwhile, the so-called publishers (of-

ten found on-line) apply their ISBNs to your

book. That gives the “publishers” the rights

to reprint your book, if it happens to be a

success, probably because of your efforts, not

theirs. Don’t let that happen!

Authors may receive thirty, fifty, or perhaps

one hundred copies of their book as part of