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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

the contract, and then must



tional copies from the “publisher” for the same

price the publisher would charge a bookstore.

We have had authors tell us, with embar-

rassment, that they have paid $18,000 or

$20,000 to have their books published by a

vanity press, and have ended up with only

one hundred or fewer copies for their own

use. Do the math. It is hard to recoup your

investment if you have only one hundred

copies to sell on your own, which in effect


$200 each

—and the “publisher” is not

really marketing the rest of the copies.

Meanwhile, if books sell, even through the

author’s efforts, the “publisher” may receive

the larger share, with the author, who in-

vested in the production, just a “royalty.” It

doesn’t make good economic sense, even if

you brag that you are being published and

paid a royalty. It makes more sense to re-

coup all the profits from your investment,

even if you pay a book-packager to design,

edit and have your book printed in what-

ever copies you desire. Be a careful consumer

and consider this analogy. If you hire a repu-

table book-packager, it is like hiring a