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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

contractor to build your house. When the

house is finished, you receive the key, and

when you sell it, the profits are yours, not

the builder’s.

Watch for extra charges from these com-

panies for editing or proofreading—changes

may be charged by the word. Authors want-

ing to avoid the charges may simply opt to

have their books printed as they have writ-

ten them. The results are often are sloppy

and unprofessional. You, as the author and

publisher have the right (and responsibil-

ity) to decide the exact content of your book.

Not doing so is misplaced thrift.

If you decide to try Internet self-publish-

ing it is important to learn all you can about

how well these books sell in retail stores

even if you can get a wholesaler to take

them. Ask store managers how often books

are ordered from these companies. You’ll find

that most won’t touch them because the qual-

ity is, among other issues, so undependable.

Printers are not publishers

So, why not just take your book to a local

printer or an e-publishing site that prints

out one copy at a time or allows readers to