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Page Background

What we do. Tabby House’s book-packaging services include


Bid and Contract:

Difficulty of editing based on a

review of twenty or more pages of the manuscript,

knowing the number and type of illustrations, if any,

the style of cover (case with jacket, paperback, etc.)

and the number of copies the author wants. No extra

charges unless the author decides to make

substantial changes to the book.


We use

The Chicago Manual of Style


Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

, standards of

the book trade, plus fact checking. The client will

receive two drafts for review plus a final set of proofs.


We might


uggest minor rewrites but

usually will ask our client to make the changes or we

can do them with author’s input and approval.

Extensive rewrites or additions might result in

additional charges.

Page design:

Client input for fonts selection,

running heads, and chapter openings plus art and

illustration sizing and placement.


We work with authors in the selection of

elements. Some covers are designed in-house, others

are more complicated than we can do and a

professional cover designer is selected to achieve the

appropriate look.