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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

download your book? Because, printers are


publishers. Printing is just one part of

the publishing process. Printers do not edit

your work for grammar and style. And, they

do not issue the credentials your book needs

to be accepted in the marketplace. Only pub-

lishers can do that. Most printers print the

copy just as it is given to them.

Printers may not recognize that you have

your book title upside down on the spine or

that you should have text, bar code, price

and ISBN printed on the back cover. Print-

ers also are usually not aware of book style

(e.g., when to spell out numerals, use ab-

breviations or handle titles). Some may be

able to typeset your pages, but, simply im-

porting your file into a pagination program

does not guarantee it will be done with

proper typesetting protocol. Proper typeset-

ting involves choosing a good book font (serif,

not sans serif), selecting the proper charac-

ter size and leading as well as setting the

pages so there are no single lines of type

(widows and orphans) at the top or bottom

of a page. A subhead should never have less

than two lines if text before going to the next