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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

page. Typesetting is a skill that comes with

years of practice.

Your local printers may be great with sta-

tionery and brochures, but are generally out

of their element when it comes to creating a

professional book. We have seen many ex-

amples of books printed and bound by

printshops and most of them lack the pro-

fessional look. Does that make a difference?

You bet! That is, if you want to have your

book accepted by the trade rather than just

giving it away to relatives and friends. A

homemade or poor-quality appearance can

doom even the finest piece of writing. Un-

less a manuscript needs extensive editing

or rewriting, much of the cost of producing

a book is in the cover design, page format-

ting, typesetting, and the printing and

binding. It is important to produce your book

professionally, even if it costs more.

A book buyer at Ingram Books, one of the

nation’s largest wholesalers, notes that

Ingram will not handle a book that doesn’t

have a proper cover and credentials, includ-

ing a bar code. These issues are of no concern

to a printshop.