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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

Book packaging

That brings us to book packaging or book

producing. A reputable book packager has

the expertise of a publisher but works for

you rather than buying, or taking, the rights

to your book. Except under certain condi-

tions, your packager should advise and

assist you in obtaining the essential creden-

tials (ISBN, Library of Congress Control

Number and copyright) for your book in the

name of your own publishing imprint.

The number of companies specialize in

book packaging has been increasing. Rights-

buying publishers, some independent

publishers, university presses, some print-

ers, and even some one-title author/

publishers, distributors, and others adver-

tise packaging services as a sideline to their

core businesses. As a good consumer, explore

your options. Check samples of books the

packager has produced, and references and

discuss the range of services that are avail-

able to you. Costs vary based on what your

book needs, such as editing or indexing, and

special features you may choose, such as the

type of cover or paper stock. You may get a