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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

cheaper bid from a “cookie-cutter” packager

that offers only limited options than from

someone who tailors an estimate to your

project. If that suits your purposes, go for


A book packager acts as a contractor to

build your book. The copyright will be yours.

The book will be fully credentialed in your

name and should be carefully designed. You

should be involved in decisions about the

cover, the design, the paper stock, the edit-

ing, the size of the press run, and the retail

price. And most important, you should re-


all the copies called for in your


—all of them! You are the one risk-

ing the money, so you should be the person

to receive and control the product. And, if

you are willing to do the work to market and

sell your book, you will reap the ultimate


Chapters in Smart Self-Publishing in-


Working with professionals

Doing your marketing homework

Creating a professional product

Promoting your book