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Thanks for taking the time to review our site. We hope we have been

able to be of some help. If you would like to talk with us about your

project, e-mail us at: .

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About Us:

Tabby House was founded in 1990 by Jim and Linda Salisbury. Jim

serves as president and Linda as chief editor. In addition to producing

more than 400 books for other authors and publishers, the Salisburys

are co-authors of

Smart Self-Publishing: An author’s guide to producing

a marketable book



edition), and co-authored

A Breezy Guide to

Charlotte County, Florida.

He is the author of

Roadkill Roundup

, a

collection of favorite recipes. Linda has authored 18 books, including the

11-book Bailey Fish Adventure series and

Mudd Saves the Earth,


the recently released nonfiction history book for young adults and


The Sword and the Broom: The exceptional career and

accomplishments of John Mercer Langston

. More information about her

books can be found at:


Get a copy of

Smart Self-Publishing




, the cost of shipping and