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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

work of publishing is done properly by the

author, possibly using the services of pro-


Often writers raised on the “fairy tale”

need further convincing. They have been

charmed by the old publishing mystique: If

a publisher won’t buy my book, it isn’t any

good. This self-defeating spell keeps those

writers from the satisfaction of having their

hard work turned into books. It is, in fact,

the ultimate vanity of publishing!

Although many writers find fulfillment by

self-publishing, others are still driven to find

someone else to buy rights to their book in

order to have their work validated. Compare

this way of thinking with that of any other

independent creative group: artists, musi-

cians, and photographers. Most artists

purchase their own supplies, rent studio

space, and cooperatively or independently

show their work in galleries. They are look-

ing for sales and good reviews, yes. But they

paint, play music, or invest in their work

regardless of grants or patronage. Why

should books and literature be different from

paintings or sculpture?