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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

The doers have their books in hand and,

if the books are produced properly, no one

should be able to tell the difference between

an author/publisher-produced book and one

done by a major publishing house. In fact,

sometimes the self-published books are bet-


The key to success for self-publishers is

doing the book right, then following up with

persistent personal marketing.

Publishers Weekly

repeatedly underscores

the problems in the present publishing mar-

ket at the big houses. Nora Rawlinson,

editor-in-chief, writes: “Publishing has al-

ways had to deal with the uncomfortable

tension between art and commerce and has

often had to leave to posterity—in the form

of backlist sales [those books that have old

copyright dates and are relegated to the back

section of a sales catalog]—the final choice

on what works over the long haul.”

She continues: “It has been a common

complaint among booksellers for years that

there are simply too many books, which

means that a book’s shelf life continually

shrinks. This has led to discussion within