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Smart Self-Publishing

An Author’s Guide to Producing a Marketable Book

the industry about the need to publish fewer

titles, so that each book receives the attention it

requires to find its audience.”

There are several reasons for the shift

from the old days of publishing to the new,

but the overriding cause is money. Publish-

ing is big business and there is an increasing

emphasis on viewing books as



competition with other products, rather

than as literature.

The large publishing houses, many them-

selves owned by larger companies want a

fast return on their investment, so they look

for hot topics, hot authors, or authors they can

make hot. They won’t invest in risky projects.

It’s hard for writers to accept the fact that

their book is a product on which publishing

houses must be able to make a return on

their investment. But that is the situation

and you should want the same results with

your product—your book. If you don’t, then

perhaps you should consider printing only

enough copies to give away to your family

and friends.

It takes money to produce the product. It

takes money to advertise the product—lots